Coffee Talk - The Mapmaker's Daughter

Genre: Steampunk / Sword & Sorcery
by Joanna Emerson

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Less than a decade after millions flee or die from starvation and persecution in Ireland, a strange refugee arrives on this Emerald Isle.

She falls, this refugee, practically into the arms of Paddy O'Brien...

the day after Paddy's mum dies in mysterious circumstances and he's left to care for his two younger brothers.

He doesn't know that Akemi, this refugee, is the mapmaker's daughter, and the shogun of Japan has commissioned ruthless pirates to bring her back alive.

But Jun, a lowly transgender slave aboard one of these pirate ships, who has lived in so many places she has nowhere to call home, may ruin everyone's plans. Except her own, if she can help it.

Author  Bio:
Joanna Emerson loves the miracle of life and is continually awed that she's allowed to participate in this wild, beautiful, frightening ride. She lives in Mexico with her husband and two miraculous children.