Coffee Talk - Shelley: A Christian Paranormal Novella

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Shelley: A Christian Paranormal Novella
by Cynthia P. Willow

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When 13-year-old Narie loses her mother to cancer, she is forced to leave the city and move to the country with her grandmother—a woman who is nothing more than a stranger to her. With no Wi-Fi or cell phone reception, Narie is sure her new life in the middle of nowhere is going to be dull and boring. But she discovers her mother’s childhood diaries and embarks on a search for the creepy house in the woods—a house that Narie’s grandmother insists was only a figment of her daughter’s imagination. Things become complicated when Narie realizes that the woods hold much more than a creepy house. Who is the little girl in the white dress? What does she have to do with Narie’s mother? What secret is Narie’s grandmother harboring?